What's Downtown

Where is Downtown High Point?


Some will argue that downtown falls within the borders set by City Council? Others that it is ever changing and as such, doesn’t need to be clearly defined.  Most would argue that downtown falls somewhere between State Street to the North, Ward and Kearns to the south, University, White Oak, and Asheboro to the East and Rotary to the West.

And while a more accurate version of downtown would be better described by its actual districts (Uptowne, Baseball, Southside, Showroom, University, Westside), it is perhaps all of these things and their communities that give downtown the clear vision of what it most wants to be; a viable, liveable, sustainable place to live, work, play and study!

So Let's Meet the Folks that Own Shops and Businesses Downtown!

Pandora’s Manor

Oscar’s Fine Food

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164 South Main Street,
Suite 606
High Point, NC 27260


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